Isaac YOSELOWITZ, Manhattan New York #help #records #New York


Need help in finding more details about Isaac YOSELOWITZ from Manhattan, New York.
I found 2 records on Ancestry:
1. 1910 Census which show his age as 50 (born 1960, Russia), arrived to New York 1907, wife Gussie and children names. First son born 1884. 
2. New York extracted Death Index, 1862-1948, Certificate Number 34675, which show death in 1914, age 65, estimated birth 1849 . 
It could possibly be the same person. 
I am mainly interested to find his parents' names, trying to confirm the exact family relation with a DNA match of one of his descendants.
I wonder if any of you can help in finding his burial location or more information about him; hopefully his father's name will be recorded on the headstone.

Yohanan Loeffler
Melbourne Australia

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