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Just a thought but I’ve come across the female name Hesia or Chasja before, which I always thought was a variant of Chaia or possibly a feminized “Chasidl”. And since s and sh could interchange if misread, maybe it’s connected? Obviously this couple were fond of nicknames! Does the region if Lithuania yield any clues, and can you run first names through a Soundex? Not sure in the latter....

Jan Lastman, Toronto ON CANADA.  Janllb@...

Researching: LASTMAN or LASTMANN w/origins in HOLLAND late 1600s then => Lublin early-mid 1700s.
By early-mid 1800s there were LASTMAN/N branches => Łódź, Radom, Warsaw, Leipzig GERMANY, Szydlowiec and Ostroweiec.  
LASTMAN/N relatives married in 1800s to KLAJMAN, KAUFMAN, LEDERMAN, KAC, CUKIER, STROSBERG, WAJCHANDLER, KUTCHINSKY/KUTNER etc... then => Toronto and Rio de Janeiro in early 1900s.  LASTMAN/Ns who remained in Europe but survived the Holocaust => France, Israel, Australia, NYC and New Orleans.
Also researching:
MENDELSON / MENDELZOHN that somehow became DAVIDSON while still in Ostrowiec POLAND (!), immigrating as DAVIDSON => Toronto, Montreal, NYC and Detroit, most pre WW1
— SINGER / ZYNGIER from Janow Poldaski POLAND => Toronto and possibly Columbus OH all pre WW1
SCHAFER / SHAFIR from Linitz now Illinits UKRAINE (Russia) => Toronto and Detroit and possibly Columbus OH all pre WW1

Rapoport-Quint Family Tree on MyHeritage or contact  janllb@...

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