Re: Motchi married who's Heshi #lithuania

Deborah Lane

I have thought of a few other ideas about those two names:

Motchi, as everyone else agrees, is often Mordecai. However, is it possible that it is a variation of the Yiddish female name Mattle or Mattie? Perhaps the "chi" at the end is an endearment suffix. I personally know a girl from a Yiddish speaking family who is named Henchie, which is an endearing way of saying Henny. I have also read a holocaust biography- which I cannot seem to find now to double check this- in which some of the females have the suffix "chi" or "chu" added to their names- though I believe this suffix is more commonly found among Galician or Hungarian Jews than among the more northern Lithuanian or Belarussian communities (I am not sure where your Motchi comes from) (another common female endearment suffix is "le"- as in Sora'le or Chaya'le.)
Another possibility for a female Motchi, though I think this is a stretch, is the name Mushkie, which is now a very common name among the Lubavich Chassidim because that was the name of the late Rebetzin.

Another possibility- Is Heshi some form of "Henny" or "Hendel" (female name) which I mentioned above? Another genner wrote the name Chashie- I also see that as a possibility.

Good luck trying to figure this out!

Deborah Lane
Spring Valley, New York
Researching: Oppenheim and Margolis of Telshe, Lithuania; Siegel of Balbirishik; Shapiro and Abelman of Kovno; Levine and Altschuller of Mogilev; Kaplan, Gritzman and Zakusaya of Bialystok; Schecter of Vinnitsa; Lieberman of Gaysin; Benedetsky of Bela Tserkov; Mintz of Latvia; a of Kiev

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