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Andreas Schwab

1. Letter to [??] Bepinthel [?]
In the case of Gesch [?] Ingberg's declaration of death, the applicant's application still needs to be supplemented. It has not been shown why the Minden District Court should be responsible for all missing persons. Has Minden been the last residence of all those missing? Can witnesses be found for this and for the fact of the deportation? Did the missing persons have German or Polish citizenship? What were the names of the husbands and children of the married missing persons? What is the legal interest of the applicant in the declaration of death?
A period of 1 month is set to provide the missing information.
2. [struck-out text] After one month [end of struck-out text]
Then immediately to: law firm
Entered. 04/May/48
Made on 13/May 8 Li.
from on 13/May Iz
resubmission 13/May Iz
1. U. m. A. and additional files 4 [?] 72.47
The Police Division
Police Section
Criminal Investigation Department
Resent with reference to our order v. 30. 3.48 (sheet 9 R) and report overleaf. It should actually be possible to ascertain whether the five people mentioned in sheet 1 of the attachment were deported to the east as Jews. According to sheet 1 of the attached file, they may have lived in Minden, Simsonstrasse 8.
May 18, 48
2) R [?]: 6 weeks.
1) Answers: The only thing missing are the day and place of birth of Ms. Helena Kirschenroth née Ingberg. If only the age of Ms. Losche Ingberg at 62 years can be determined, [??] she would still be alive (born in 1887 or 1886, this should suffice as an exception. However, the place of birth of [?]oschen Ingberg is also given ,
2) To [??] sheet 34
Minden, 24/Aug/49
gef. 25 Aug. 49 St.
16.8. ro

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