Identifying people on Viewmate photo

ingrid rockberger

Dear Genners,
I am posting this on behalf of my sister-in-law as there seem to be some technical difficulties in this post appearing - she has tried several times!
Here is Michelle's message:
I am hoping you can help me identify the members of the wedding party
in this photo. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
ViewMate - Image 78256 - Do you recognize? - Germany - Frankfurt

I am trying to confirm if this was my grandparents' wedding on
February 17, 1923 in Frankfurt-a-m, Germany and who is in the photo.
My grandmother was Lili Sander nee Wolff and my grandfather was Hugo
Sander.  Lili’s parents were Dr. med Ludwig Wolff and Thekla Wolff nee
Rothschild. Thekla’s parent’s were August Rothschild and Eugenie
(Jenny) Rothschild nee Lenel and her parents were Moritz and Caroline
Lenel.  Hugo Sander’s parents were Max and Lina Sander nee Haas. Max
Sander’s father was Isaak Sander and Lina’s parents were Jettchen and
Levi Haas.

My grandmother’s family came from Frankfurt-a-m and my grandfather’s
from Darmstadt.

I need help in identifying all of the people in the photo. 

Appreciate your help.

Please respond to me personally.
Michelle Stein

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