Strike breaker Henoch KATZ

Tania Kac

Seeking information on Henoch KAC (KATZ) (prob. born between 1860-1880) who came to the US between 1904-1915 from Hoshcha (Hoszcza/Goshcha), Ukraine. He died crossing picket line (he probably didn't know the language enough to know not to cross it). Per family lore, this happened in/around Boston and widow received compensation back home. Family in Europe did not immigrate to the US. Henoch may have stayed with brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The maiden name of the sister-in-Law was Zeigermakher. Possible connection to a Max Nathan Silberman. I can't find strike, insurance company, union involved, death record or burial place. Any help or hints would be appreciated. 

Thank you!
Tania Kac
Des Moines, Iowa, USA


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