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About Link 2: I checked a few Russian genealogy sites… Could not find any location that would remotely resemble “Walls…” (with a different variation of the spelling for the second part of the word). Maybe the location in one of the Soviet Republics? At the time of the Soviet Union people tend to write Russia as a location, rather then refer to the actual republic name… 

As to Link 1, it is very hard to read…

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As many of you may know, us Jews come from "Russia" and Russia was a big place now scattered into many countries.  Unfortunately, I have a document from a family member, and I have been unable to identify where he was born.  The city appears unreadable to me.  There 2 links are documents I am 100% certain belong to him.

Link 1 Photo is marriage license.  His name was Solomon Sherman and he married Sophie Carp (originally Krupnik) in 1916.  Solomon lists his parents as Morris Sherman and Ida Hoffman.  I am told his Morris might have been called (Moshe or similar spelling).  I see on Ancestry that Sherman has several variations (Szerman, Sherman, etc)

Link 2 Photo is Solomon Sherman's registration card.  The city where he was born appears to not exist or be illegible aside from Russia.  This is where I need your help!  Where was Solomon Sherman Born? Link High Resolution Registration Card


The 1920 Census lists Solomon Sherman arriving in the USA in 1913 and Russian.  Profession Shoe Maker.  Below are "Speculative" Documents I found at Ellis Island Website that May or May Not be him!  Have yet to find documents corroborating the Parents of this Solomon Sherman.

<Solomon Ship.jpg><Ship2.jpg><Ship1.jpg><Adriatic.jpg>

<Adriatic.jpg><Ship1.jpg><Ship2.jpg><Solomon Ship.jpg>

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