Miriam Kaminski, Neeman/Konstantin Kaminski from Poland, Grodno or Dvinsk #belarus #poland

Anastasiia Petrovskaia-Kaminskaia

My name is Anastasiia Petrovskaia-Kaminskaia. I'm looking for any information about my Jewish ancestors.
Let me briefly tell my family story. My great-great-grandma Miriam Kaminska (is supposed to be born in 1868) had been living in Poland in the early 1900s with her husband Neeman/Nahman/Konstantin Kaminski and at least two daughters, Olga/Golda (born in 1905) and Milena/Milah/Ludmila Kaminska (born in 1907). Also, probably, they had had two sons: the oldest child Abraham Kaminski and Isaak/Izrail/Nikolay who was the youngest child. The head of the family had a shoe shop.
At 1915 Miriam and children ran from Poland to Dvinsk (sisters had been studying at the local Jewish school, which one - have no idea but I very curious) at first and to Grodno then.
At 1918 family situated in Ukraine where Miriam left her children in the orphanage, worked as a Red Cross' nurse and then died because of typhoid in (probably) Borschagovka that's the place in Kyiv. Sisters had got married, the oldest boy died, the youngest boy was admitted to the Moscow university and had stayed in Russia.
During WWII Golda/Olga had been pretending to be Polish in Lviv and that's why survived. Milah with her children (including my 1 y.o. grandma) ran to the Ural where she died in the 80s.
Milah had been refusing to tell her Jewish family history to her grandson, my father, and told her daughter, my grandma, to keep silent as well. We know something about our family from Golda/Olga Kaminska's offspring, they know little though too.
I have Miriam's and Milah's photos. Also, our family's surname may be Steinman as it one of the possible translations of "Kaminski".

I will be very grateful if you share with me your thoughts about where I can look for information about my ancestors.
And one more moment, I'm from Russia so I can't go straight to Ukraine because of things that my government has done  😒

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