Re: Retrieving German Citizenship

Renee Steinig

A marriage record on Ancestry shows that Eugen Freudenburg and Ida "Siegheim" married on 31 Juli 1910 in a church in Weinheim ( Birth dates and parents' names match. If Ida converted before that ceremony, eligibility for restored citizenship might be impacted.

Suggestion: Send your inquiry to the GerSIG discussion group, whose subscribers include some expert researchers -- some based in Germany -- who are not on this list.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Rochelle Gershenow <rpgersh@...> wrote:

I am writing for a friend, Rebecca, who is trying to recover the German citizenship that was stripped from her Grandmother by the Nazi citizenship laws.  Rebecca is of Jewish descent on her mother's side.


Rebecca has visited Germany and has gotten most of the basic documents. Her Grandmother, Ida Seigheim, was born 6/28/1887 in Georgenheim bei Tamowitz Oberschleisen, Germany to Bertha Berliner (b. 1841 Oppeln Oberschleisen, Germany – now Opole, Poland) and Eugen Seigheim (b. 1840 Oppeln). Ida  married Dr Ernst Freudenburg on May 23, 1910 in Munich....

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