Argentina naturalization records? STAHL

Sheryl Stahl

I was wondering if anyone could give me more information about the Argentinian naturalization process.
I looked at the Jewishgen Argentina infofile, but saw only that some records are available and it doesn't say when the file was updated. Most of the links seem to be dead.

I'm trying to made a side-run around the brick wall of my ggf, Bernard/Barney Stahl. Family legend has it that some of his siblings went to Argentina. I tend to believe it because I found a record for one of my uncle's traveling there. But I do not know any of the sibling's names.

1. what was the process of becoming naturalized in Argentina around the turn of the century
2. Are any records available online? (some of the links on the info page are dead)
3. are there ship manifests for ships docking in Argentina around the turn of the century (any available online?)

Sheryl Stahl (Los Angeles)

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