Re: Need your help identifying Family Member's Country of Origin - #general

The Becker's Email

The 1920 census has "Wolin" crossed out and Russia written in.  Wolin is likely the Volhynia region of the Ukraine.  Within the region is the town Volodarsk-Volynskiy.  "Volodarsk" is similar phonetically to "Walladuk which appears on Solomon Sherman's WWI draft registration card.  His WWI draft registration card has "Wielladuk" best I can determine from the handwriting.
I would also note that his WWI draft registration card has that he has his first paper "Pa" on the 1920 census.  If possible to find his naturalization papers, they may give more information regarding the town and should have more detail on the ship and date of arrival.
Johanna Becker
Rhode Island, USA

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