Re: Need your help identifying Family Member's Country of Origin - #general


Solomon and his nephew Louis are from Novi Velednyky, Ukraine. Following is how I got there (the fact that they have a very specific and not terribly common trade, shoemaker, makes it much easier to follow them and know you have the right people):

The 1920 census shows Solomon was born in "Wolin" , ie: the Volhynia region in present day Ukraine.  Here's a link to a page with info and links in JG:

WW1 draft reg for "nephew" Louis, has a bit more on hometown:

Louis' naturalization:

Believe this is their hometown,Novi Velednyky, Ukraine

I'm sure there's more to find; manifests to Canada and entrance into US, etc but I'm reasonably certain this is the answer to your initial question of "where did he come from".
"Morris" is likely Moshe or similar, and there are no rules, but there's a good chance "Ida" is Chaie (Chaya or a variant)
Sherri Venditti,
The Berkshire, USA

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