Letichev and Uezd Document Translation and Indexing Project Update #ukraine

Renée K. Carl

I have just sent a new set of 1833 translations to supporters of the Letichev and Uezd Translation and Indexing Project. These are lists of families for conscription. The newly translated sheets include:
-Letichev - 804 entries
-Mikhalpol - 751 entries
-Zinkov - 1470 entries
-Volkovintsi - 737 entries

The project includes: Butsnevtsi, Derazhnia, Letichev, Medzhybizh, Mikhalpol, Snitkov, Volkovintsi, Zinkov for 1829 and 1833. Now, something really important: We are finding that families moved amongst these towns. Just because your family was from XX town, doesn't mean they only lived in XX town. The families might be registered in one town, but lived in another. It is worth your time to check in all the neighboring towns, and even father afield. For example, the 1833 Volkovintsi list includes men from Snitovka and Derazhnia. This seems to be the case for many towns, so do extra looking!

Several donors did not provide, or have changed their email address. If you think you are a donor to this project and did not receive the sheets via an email from me, let me know and I will check the donor list. If you wish to be part of this project, we would welcome additional funds. A donation of $100 will provide you with all the sheets in advance of them being added to the JewishGen database. Any leftover funds from the project will be used to translate newly found metrical and Revision lists for Medzhybizh, thought to have been lost in the 2003 fire.

Renée K. Carl
Washington DC
Searching BRAND/BRANDT and SANOFSKY/SECHANOFSKY from Medzhybizh and St. Louis

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