Seeking phone call in Israel to follow up on Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony

Deborah Dworski

Seeking a volunteer to reach out to a man living in Ra’anana, Israel (as of 2017) to follow up on mutual relatives lost in the Holocaust.  His mother submitted Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem, but she died a couple of years before I made the connection.  I tried to communicate with the submitter’s son via email, but it was not very successful due to the language barrier.  He was able to relay that his mother died in 2015, but I would like to ascertain the following:

1) Was his mother a Holocaust survivor or if did she leave Europe prior to WWII?
2) Did any of our mutual relatives survive the Holocaust?
3) Was his mother aware of and/or in contact with any mutual cousins, either in Israel or abroad?
4) Is there a family member fluent in both Hebrew and English who might be able to serve as an informal translator?
5) Does he any family photos from the Old Country?

If you are willing and able to assist, please contact me privately.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, VA. USA

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