In Memory of Larry Tesler

John Warshawsky <john.warshawsky@...>

I am posting to note the passing of Larry Tesler.  Although he didn’t have the same public name recognition as some of his contemporaries, Larry was an amazing computer scientist.  He was centrally involved in the development of “Graphical User Interface” – first made popular by Apple and then made standard through the development of Windows – and he developed the famous “cut/copy and paste” functions so critical to the work of virtually all computer users today.


And while I first fell in love with computers in the early 1970s, I didn’t know about Larry Tesler until I met him about twenty-five years ago . . . at a conference of Jewish genealogists in Washington, D.C.!  I’m not sure whether I was more impressed that he had been Apple’s Chief Scientist or that he was, like me, interested in preserving the history of his ancestors.


You can read about Larry Tesler’s passing at


That being said, the Washington Post’s story omits that the world has also lost a man who worked to preserve the history of his Jewish ancestors.  May his memory be a blessing.


John Warshawsky

Baltimore, Maryland

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