Adding Town detail information to the Alex Krakovsky Wiki postings #ukraine

Gary Pokrassa

Alex Krakovsky has now posted several thousand files to his main wiki page and numerous other wiki pages dedicated to specific areas / topics and is continually uploading new files.
We are expanding the Ukraine Research Group at (“UKR RG") Alex Krakovsky Project to include a process to add a detail list of towns and various administrative areas to the various format wiki pages that Alex K posts online in Ukrainian Wikipedia (whenever no such detail exists).  
The  UKR RG is looking to add a Town Detail Coordinator (“TDC”) to its existing project team dealing with Alex Krakovsky’s wiki postings.  
The TDC will need to be fluent in Russian/Ukrainian, English and older handwritten Russian and have an active account with Wiki.  
The initial phase of project will be the simplest portion - just working through the main wiki file and adding town detail to the file reference URL/description whenever no towns are detailed.  There are numerous such files with no town detail - this phase will be fairly lengthy (1) (2) 
For the immediate future this will be our focus.  If this goes well at some time in the future we will consider 
Phase II:   go through separate wiki pages as per Master File Summary control list (our internal document) and determine and enter detail town names again where not already posted.  There are several different formats for these separate wiki pages (portals) - TDC will need to conform to whatever the format is for such pages
Phase III: Create overall detailed index of towns cross referenced to any files in which such town detail appears (TDC should consider posting to a file as information is added under Phase I and II - Phase II will involve also including in such index the existing detailed town information already posted by Alex K.  Such index may be posted to the main wiki or elsewhere as appropriate
(1) example of existing detailed town list:  
2 Vasylkiv burghers, 73 Vasilkiv burghers, 108 Bila Tserkva burghers Jews, 220 Fastiv burghers Jews, 257 Rokitno burghers Jews, 280 Vasilkiv peasants Christian, 390 Village Plisetskaya peasants Christians, 439 Motovylivka. (numbers refer to pdf page numbers in the file)
(2) Town names have numerous spellings when transliterated into Latin characters.  

Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Group

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