Kanth near Breslau, Silesia ( now called Katy Wroclawskie)


I was told that between the world wars, there were 4 Jewish families living in this small town, 15km on the railway line from Breslau,
My PGPs , Adolf and Frieda STEIN,with their 3 children.  They had a men's outfitters business and lived above the shop.  The 3 children moved to London and Los Angeles.  
Dr Heidenfeld was a family doctor.  He lived there with his wife and 2 daughters.  One daughter, Hortense, died in London last year aged nearly one hundred.  
Another family was called Jungmann.  Another may have had a shoe shop. 
Can anyone help with information on the last 2 families ?
Margaret Levin nee Stein

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