Re: Jewish refugees in Tashkent during WWII - Moroz


Tashkent was often a transition point, not a final destination.  In this case the "current address" field (lower left) has Tashkent oblast, Ordzhenikidze rayon, village Troitskoe, Lagernaya st 59.  Pre-evacuation address is Moscow (center of the screen). Current job is listed as a tailor at the Chirchik ( military supplies store.  Here is a link to Google Maps to show Troitskoe (now Troitsk ?) between Tashkent and Chirchik -
Typically, the lists of refugees were created in each evacuation locality in 1943.  I am not aware of other lists - refugees returning back to their home towns (with the exception of Polish citizens returning home after the war).  Some people returned home at first opportunity as their towns were cleared out of German, Romanian army units, while others waited until the end of war, in other cases people stayed for a few years after the war or permanently.  It just depends if they had anything/anyone to come back to.


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