Re: Need your help identifying Family Member's Country of Origin - #general


I think you are correct.

Solomon Sherman had a brother Sam Sherman.  Sam had a son Victor Sherman, Benjamin Sherman, Daughter Chava Sherman, Daugher Riva Sherman, and a couple other children I believe.

Through DNA, we just located one of the Sherman Relatives.  The son of Riva Sherman (Kim Sherman) was born in Lviv, Ukraine. According to him, Sam Sherman left with his son Victor, and everyone else was left behind. They were unable to get proper papers to leave.  He said Sam Sherman was born Vilednik.

Kim Sherman saidd that the "Wallednik" on Solomon Sherman's Registration Card we see appears to be Vilednik, which sounds like "Wallednik"

Can you "save your search" on Jewish Gen.  Unless search is saved, links from JewishGen don't work. You must first save, then take the link from the Saved Search.  Please do so!  Id love to see the documents you found.

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