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A non-Jewish Archivist, Cathie Hewitt, is researching Jews who fought and died in the Bomber Command from 1939-1945. She started a self-funded website to share their stories. The archivist has worked at the International Bomber Command in London. She has created family trees and continues to uncover life stories. She started working at Bomber Command in 2018 to support her master’s degree in genealogy. The database holds names of over 1,000 men from all over the world to serve in the many air forces that supported the Bomber Command.


Her research has found stories such as how Jewish airman flew low over the occupied Netherlands to drop food supplies to one million starting  Dutch citizens and abut a Jewish Londoner sailed a boar to Dunkirk and brought back 500 men.


Ms. Hewitt initially created the database by searching through “W.R. Chorley’s Bomber Command Losses series of books for typical Jewish names and Henry Morris’s book ‘We will remember them,’ a record of the Jews who died in the Armed Forces 1939-1945.”  Additional assistance was provided by Martin Sugarman at AJEX, Stuart Rosenblatt at the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission provided details of those who have a Magen David on their headstones.


The archive will initially concentrate on the men who died serving in the RAFVR.  The next phase will include those who served in the RCAF, RAAF and the other nations who supported Bomber Command.


To read more see: https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/telling-the-stories-of-jews-who-fought-in-bomber-command/


The website was launched last week: https://www.thejewsofbombercommand.com/  You can access the stories with photos there.


If your family has an airman who was Jewish and died serving in the Bomber Command please contact them at:



Please note the restrictions on the website of using the content except for personal or private use without prior approval from Ms. Hewitt.


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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