Re: Did you know...the term Health Care Provider came from Nazi Germany?


This thread is one of the most interesting and stimulating in a long time. And, in my view, it is directly related to genealogy. I happen to be more interested in learning about our ancestors’ lives and times than in, e.g. exact spelling of the ggggfather’s name. In that regard, the occupations such as synagogue sexton, or a grave digger, that we see so often in the records from Russian Poland, are far more descriptive than a “daily laborer” which leaves us dissatisfied and wanting to know more.


Words have meaning. “Doctor” is still synonymous with “healer”, evoking great respect for the profession. Imagine an unknown descendent 200 years from now learning that his ancestor was a “health care provider”.  Will he jump up and down from joy, or will he curse his early 21st century ancestors who replaced normal language with meaningless bureaucratic constructs?


The next time you walk in a “show room” looking for a “certified pre-own” “gas-guzzler” and a “consultant” greets you with “Welcome Guest”...

... please finish the sentence...

Boris Feldblyum

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