Rocher...Rocker... just not sure


Hello, I am trying to trace my great-grandmothers' family.  Nope the apostrophe is not wrong. Turns out my great grandmothers were sisters: Rose (Rochel) and Sara Rocher.... Anyway, I believe they were either in Jaslo or Sanok. I think Rose was older than Sara because the family story says that Sarah's husband, Elias, came to America to live with her while he got enough money to bring Sarah and their kids over. (My great aunt Feige, my grandma Golde, and maybe a brother named Hirshel who died before they came). I have the ship manifest for Sarah and the girls coming from Sanok. 

I have tried many ways to find them but I cannot seem to locate any Rochers (which I was told was spelled like this but pronounced Rocker).

Any advice would be appreciated

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