Please help us solve a 50 Yr Old Family Mystery! #general #poland


Hello All,

We have a 50+ year family secret we'd love to solve.  Our mother and her sisters took their grave any knowledge of my Grandma Bessie Appel / Pesa Appel.  Growing up we were told she was deceased, which in fact, my Mother and Her siblings were taken away and placed into foster homes. So we understand a lot of negativity transpired that may have led to everything being kept hidden.  But now, these individuals have all passed away, and we have a gaping hole in our family tree.

Our Grandmother was Bessie Appel Married Charles Denenberg.  Bessie was not her name at birth.  We believe she was Pesa Appel.  Her Parents are listed as Moses Appel and Esther Goldman.  Though, our only proof of Bessie / Pesa's parents are on the Marriage Registry where their names are listed by Bessie on the entry. An adoption record exists for Bessie Appel's children where a Jacob Appel is mentioned.  Another document references a Brother (name redacted though).  We believe Jacob to be Bessie's Brother through all the research we've conducted. There is simply no other Jacob Appel in the entire state of Michigan that had a sister, and her name was Pesa. We are not sure the exact relation, and it could be through adoption in Poland, Half Brother, or full flood relations.  We have been unable to substantiate Pesa / Bessie's exact lineage.  Our research has been unable to locate a Moses Appel and Esther Goldman who had a daughter named Bessie or Pesa born in 1902 in Tomaszow Poland.

CAN YOU HELP SOLVE THIS MYSTERY AND LINK PESA APPEL TO MOSES APPEL + ESTHER GOLDMAN?  ----- > See Attached Documents for a synopsis of all we know.

1920.detroit..jpg  - See Line #1.  You'll see Pesa Appel is sailing on the S.S. Scandinavian from Antwerp on September 23, 1920 headed to Detroit, Michigan.  She was Debarred.

2. pesaappelOct1920manifestpg2familysearch.jpg - Nothing of much importance.  7/6/20 says Pesa Appel is in good health.

3.  pesaappelOct1920manifestv2pg2famsearch.jpg - 10/1/20 - B.S.I affidavit on file. Admin Bond 1 yr 1/230/434 Debarred Oct 1, 1920

4.  pesaappelOct1920manifestfamilysearch.jpg - You can see she was headed to Detroit, Michigan to see her brother Jacob Appel.  She was Debarred in Quebec Canada.

5. Bessie2.jpg - On May 16, 1922 she must have traveled to Detroit, Michigan at some point, because she was married to Charles Denenberg.  Parents Listed as Moses Appel and Esther Goldman.

6. pesaappelOct1922manifestv2famsearch.jpg  = July 20, 1922.  Pesa Appel lists No Relatives from where she came from.

7. 1922.CPOS.Manifest.jpg - List or Manifest of Alien Passengers Applying for Admission to the United States via per C.P.O.S on July 24,1922. Line #1. She is there to vist her brother Jacob Appel and lists her place of birth as Tomaszow, Poland.

8. 1922.Immigration.service.jpg - Self Explanatory

9. - Line #31 - Jacob Appel and Family

10. - Line #82 - Jacob Appel and Family

11. 1940 Census-jacob.and.Lillie.jpg - Line #50 & #51 - Jacob Appel and his wife Lilly

12. 1940-philip.jpg - Jacob Appel's Son Phillip R. Appel, his Wife Bula Appel, and their daughter Nancy. Line #74
13. Death.jpg - Bessie Appel's Death Certificate.

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