Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
At least a detective searching Rottersman family !
This is a quite rare name and I couln't find any parent to "Hirsch Rottermann" who is in my tree.
I opened your file and you have some Hirsch :

What I know on "mine" :
  • Hirsch was born ca 1905 in Bochnia, I have no act
  • He maried Estera Kronenberg who was born ca 1906 in Lodz and was a sister of my grandmother GF  Myriam Kronenberg
  • I attach a picture of both of them, taken ca 1931 when Hirsch was at his military service end.
  • They maried ca 1931, but Hirsch birthdate isn't on act, neither his parents name (I have copy of this act)
  • In1933, Hirsch opened an Irish Pub in the main street of Lodz (I have copy of its business registration file)
  • In 1934, Irene has been their 1st child, born in Lodz (I have copy of birth register, Hirsch is 28' or 29')
  • In 1937, David has been their 2nd child, born in Lodz
  • both children get given name of young 1st cousins born in USA : I have pictures of them with my GGF.
  • Their last letter was sent in July 1939 from a city near Bialystok
  • All other Kronenberg died either in Lodz Ghetto, either in Chelmno
  • Hirsch, Estera, Irene & David don't appear on any archives of Lodz ghetto, don't appear on any Shoah list.
So I don't know what have been their fate...

I hope our "Hirsch" could have some connexion.


Bernard Flam
Searching around Lodz : Zysman, Kronenberg, Rottersman, Kwiat

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