Looking for Blumenberg family from Tyczyn


My grandfather left a sister, Hene, in Poland.  She married a Jonas Blumenberg, and they had three children- Mozes, b. 1920, Rachela, b. 1923, and Zofia, b. 1925. My grandfather told me that a friend of his had found Mozes in Israel after the War, that he had managed to get there in the late 30s.  He told the friend he was going to Russia to look for "siblings". At the time I did not know there were other children, and then discovered years later there were two girls.  I wondered if Hene had managed to get them out to Russia and then got word to Mozes that they were there. Mozes, at that point, disappeared. He never answered my grandfather's letter and he never wrote to him, although he was given the address. I have found no records of him in Israel or anywhere else, no record of what happened to Hene or Jonas. 

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