Please help us solve a 50 Yr Old Family Mystery! - how a critical mass of data can make the difference

Stanley Diamond

Dear fellow researchers,

The many posts with suggestions and links to help Sophia Cohen solve this family mystery
brings to mind the important lesson that JRI-Poland has been teaching for many years.

That is, the benefits of being able to search online accessible full extracts. In the Fall 2018
Avotaynu article, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland: The Effect of Reaching Critical Mass
we stress the importance of the JRI-Poland Phase 3 initiative to create full extracts of all data -
not just basic indices.

As the article stresses, with full extracts, "Not only can researchers find a grandparent or
even a parent in the search results, they often follow the trail of record indexes, extracts and
scans from town to town, each step adding generations to their ancestral tree—and multiple
branches of what may have been previously unknown family"

When full extracts of records for clusters of towns are available online, researchers are often
able to build an Extensive collection of information pertinent to their family history such as is
currently is possible with the towns in the Zaglembie area in southern Poland (Bedzin,
Sosnowiec, Dabrowa Gornicza and many nearby towns).

For more information on the Phase 3 full extraction initiative for your town, please write to:
[townname]   For announcements about current activities of JRI-Poland, 
subscribe to the JRI-Poland discussion group mailing list at

Stanley Diamond, Montreal
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc.

WIDELEC, ARKER, NOWES, RUBINSZTAJN (Ostrów Mazowiecka, Wyszków, Poręba-Kocęby)
RUSSIN (Suchawola)

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