Abraham Miller

Jeff Miller

I wish to thank those who responded to my request for information about Abraham Miller, particularly Sherri Bobish. Abraham was born 1892 in Ostroleka Poland.


I had learned in the last year or so that my great grandfather Abraham Mlynarz came to New York in 1904, and that my GGM, his wife Pearl Brzezinski, had stayed in Ostroleka, according to the record of the 1907 ship manifest for the arrival of her sister Pesia in New York.


My GGF Abraham Mlynarz returned to Ostroleka before his son, my grandfather Mordechai Mlynarz/Max Miller, arrived in New York in 1913. My GGF Abraham Mlynarz died in Ostroleka in 1925.


In 1915 Max was living with a cousin Abraham Miller (both born in 1892) and Abraham's wife Ida on Water Street in New York, NY. Apparently Ida's maiden name was Cohn, as this Abraham, also from Ostroleka, arrived in 1912 heading to his brother-in-law in Mechanicsville, NY.


Abraham Miller [a cousin of Max per the 1915 NY Census] was born 15 November 1892 according to his 1917 draft registration document, and at the time of his registration lived at 57 Norfolk St.


Abraham S. Miller,  who lived at 57 Norfolk Street in NY, died in New York on October 18, 1918, and was buried in Montefiore Cemetery. His father was David Miller, and his mother Leah Goldstein.


In the portion of my family tree created by a genealogy research team that found the 1915 Census record for me, Abraham is in the tree as a nephew of my GGF.


Another record found after the discovery of the death information lists in the 1920 Census a widow Ida Miller with daughters Annie Miller, age 5, and Fannie Miller, age 4.


Follow-up questions include why would a nephew be named similarly to a living uncle? What happened to Annie and Fannie Miller after the 1920 Census?


Please reply directly to me with family information. Thank you in advance to all who respond.


Warmest Regards,

Jeff Miller



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