Re: Current Situation in L'viv #galicia

Igor Holyboroda

Dear Caroline!

At present the situation in Lviv is steady. All shops, hotels,
restaurants, museums, archives, transport etc are working in their
usual mode. At the streets there are no signs of disorder or
criminality. For sure people are alarmed by the last events in the
Ukraine and especially by the situation in the Krimea, there are
meetings and manifestations. But the atmosphere in general is
the same as usual - just quiet and without hostility.

Igor Holyboroda,
Lviv, Ukraine

Caroline Curvan <Caroline.Curvan@...> wrote:

Does anyone have any information about the current situation in
L'viv? I was planning a trip to L'viv in early April, but given the
recent events, I am strongly considering cancelling....

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