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John Anderson

I am looking for some explanation regarding the certificate of death (attached ) of my paternal great-great grandfather, Henry KLINE. Here is what I already know:
1. Henry KLINE (KLEIN on his d.c.) was born in Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine around Jul 1831. He came to the US around 1846, and settled in Hamilton County (Cincinnati), Ohio, but late lived in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio.
2.  He married Amelia HIMMELREICH 13 Aug 1855 in Hamilton County, Ohio.
3. He worked as a " loan broker,"  "jeweler" or "merchant" over the years.

Now come my questions:
1. The d.c. gives his place of death as what appears to be 3 Livingston Place, 13th Ward of New York City. I know of Livingston Street in Brooklyn, but no Place.
2. The undertaker and Medical Attendant both give addresses in Manhattan: 206 6th Street and 235 E. 10th Street. Why would they have attended him if he died in Brooklyn?
3. Cause of his death is given as "Hepatitis diffusa;" what is the "diffusa" part?
4. Contributing to his death was "Collapsus." what was that?
5. Date of burial in Cypress Hill Cemetery appears to be Jan 18, 1875, but I am not sure if it is that or Jan. 16.
6. Given that the time from attack to his death was only 3 weeks, is that normal?

Any ideas will be appreciated.

John Anderson,
Orlando, Florida

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