Re: Death certificate information

Renee Steinig

Livingston Place was in Manhattan, It was renamed in the 1950s and became Perlman Place -- in memory of  New York State Judge Nathan David Perlman.

More about the street:

Not mentioned on that site is an interesting aspect of Perlman's biography: 
In the 1930s, not finding a legal means to break up German-American Bund rallies in New York City, he called on gangster Meyer Lansky for help. Lansky and his fellow Jewish mobsters went on to attack many of those rallies.

Google PERLMAN LANSKY for a number of interesting articles.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

John Anderson <counselor12721@...> wrote:

.... The d.c. gives his place of death as what appears to be 3 Livingston Place, 13th Ward of New York City. I know of Livingston Street in Brooklyn, but no Place....

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