Re: Death certificate information

Elise Cundiff

Diffusa = diffused but hepatitis is localized to the liver.  Perhaps in this (archaic) context it is referring to the effects of fulminant hepatitis having led to deleterious and eventually fatal effect on  the entire body.    
Collapsus = collapse and could, in this (again, archaic) context mean either cardiovascular collapse (ie shock, the  final event in disease progression) or pulmonary (lung) collapse (literally a collapse or squeezing of lung tissue.).  As the liver becomes extremely diseased, fluids aren't processed through it normally and will build up in the abdomen (ascites) leading to increased pressure that can interfere with breathing, and eventually fluid can accumulate in the lung space too, taking up the room that the lung needs to expand when we inhale.  Eventually the circulatory system will collapse due to the shift of fluid.

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