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Thank you for allowing me to join this group. My story is actually my adopted daughter's. She took a DNA test several months ago and found out that she has Jewish heritage. My son and I have been helping her build her family tree. Through research and other DNA testers, we found her great-grandparents who had left Russia around 1900, moved to England for 10 years and then to Chicago. Family members help fill in the blanks with some information. Sharon was told that her great-great grandparents are Asher and Henya Mishelov. I found their burial records on Jewishgen. I have no experience in anything Jewish and need some help in understand naming and some words. Oshers son, Harris,  came to America with the name Mishelov. On Oshers record, it lists his name as Osher Paderiver MIshelov the son of Yakov Mishalov Paderiver. I recently attended a genealogy conference and no one at any of the Jewish booths, Jewishgen included, or speakers were able to give me any help on the word or name Paderiver. It was suggested that it could be a place or an occupation. I've searched names, both given and surnames and can't find anything remotely close to this name. it got harder for me as I found Henya's burial record. Her name is listed as Henya Miedil Mishalov Paderier. Her father is Mordekhai Miedil Mishalov. She is the wife of Osher Paderier. My questions are, should I be using Paderiver of Paderier as the family surname even though at least one of their children went to England and then to America with the Mishelov name? On Osher's record his father in law is listed only as Mordekhai Miedil without the Mishelov added as it is on Henya's record. Is Miedil the family surname? I found a record for a Yakov Zev Volf Mieshelov in the same place. Could he be the father of Osher, who is listed in Osher's record as Yakov Mishalov Paderiver? I would really appreciate some help as I am lost. I've already had to embarrass myself because when I first found the burial records, I reported to the family that they had many Rabbi's in their family. I've since learned that rabbi is not what I thought it was. I am attaching the burial so you can more fully understand what I'm trying to get across. Thank you so much for your time and hopefully assistance. P.S. I'm 100 % Gentile.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3013 On Wednesday the second day of 'rosh-khodesh' of Kislev (9 November 1904) passed away a dear G-D fearing man the venerable rabbi mh'r r OSHER the son of the rabbi m YAKOV MISHALOVxxxvi PADERIVER the son-in-law of the rabbi m MORDEKHAI MIEDIL and he rests in an empty place to the south side by the venerable rabbi mh'r r ELIEZER who passed away on the twelfth day of Iyar 5664 (27 April 1904) and to the town side by DAVID who passed away on 'rosh-khodesh' of Sivan (15 May 1904) one row before 'five' to the town side     Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha / Slutsk / Belarus
3188 On the aforementioned day (29 September 1903) passed away the venerable woman Mrs HENYA the daughter of the rabbi mh'r r MORDEKHAI MIEDIL MISHALOV40 the wife of r OSHER PADERIER and she rests in an empty place to the south side by the woman who passed away on the twenty-fourth day of the aforementioned Sivan (19 June 1903) and to the town side by the woman who passed away on the ninth day of the aforementioned Sivan (4 June 1903) one row before 'eighteen' b'k to the town side

1117 On Thursday the eleventh day of Shvat (24 January 1918) passed away the elderly eighty-four years of age mh'r r YAKOV-ZEV VOLF the son of mh'r YISRAEL MIESHELOV and he rests by r ELIEZER ZUSMAN who passed away on the holy day of Shabat the twenty-eighth day of the aforementioned Tevet (12 January 1918) row 'six' by the 'geonim' to the south side

Pinkas of the Chevra Kadisha / 
Slutsk / Belarus

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