ViewMate translation request - German

Deborah Schultz

Hello. I've posted on ViewMate part of a birth record for which I need a translation, and I hope a kind volunteer may be able to help.

This is from the birth record of Rebekah Spiegel, born in 1892, in Plavie, near Skole, Ukraine (formerly in Galicia, Austria-Hungary). 
Her mother was Feige Raeder of Plavie, and her father was Szulim Spiegel of Dolina. 

I think the record is in German, but please let me know if it's not, and I'll update ViewMate. It's on ViewMate (in 3 parts), at the following:

1) Column with mother's information only: 

2) Column with notes, perhaps about the parents' marriage: 

3) More from the notes column, which may be signatures:

Please reply via the form provided on the ViewMate image page.

This is for Rebekah's family. She unfortunately did not survive the Shoah, and it would mean a lot to them, to have this information. 
Thanks so much!

Deborah Schultz, Michigan, USA

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