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A. E. Jordan

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marriage certificate indicates that she was divorced.
I am unable to find a record of the divorce. I checked all the
boroughs of New York City, New Jersey and Nevada (Reno County).

In New York City the marriage license contains details of the prior divorce and in some cases even has a copy of the decree.  If they divorced generally it would have been in the borough where they were living but in New York City the divorce cases are sealed for 100 years and most of the indexes are not online or available so I am not sure where you checked.  Brooklyn is the one borough which seems willing to let people see the index.

But since divorce was not as easy to get as it is today a lot of people went elsewhere be in Reno or even out of the USA.

The only hope I think you have is to look to see if New Jersey preserved files similar to New York since she admitted she was married previously you assume she had to show proof of the divorce to get a license to remarry.

Allan Jordan

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