NJ State Archives - is anyone going?

A. E. Jordan

A member of the list was extremely kind and helpful to me retrieving a few documents and doing research for me and as a result I need one more death certificate from the NJ State Archives if anyone is going there.

I have the name and date and even the location of the death -- I see it on the index -- so I just need someone to print out the death certificate for me.

It is a common name so when I tried searching I could not pin it down and the same for the husband.  I tried calling the local cemeteries, the cemeteries where her children are buried, I tried calling the likely funeral home and searched the local newspaper.  I repeated the same for the husband but in both cases I had common names and only a fairly broad range for the dates of the death. 

One of our participants was kind enough to go year by year through the 1940s looking for the death certificate and sure enough he found the husband.  Problem was Isidor was listed as Izzie and the burial instead of being local in New Jersey is 100 miles away in New York in my own local area.  I checked the cemetery records and sure enough the missing woman is next to her husband and backtracked I found an obit in The New York Times but not her local newspapers.

Just goes the show the value of following every avenue.

Now to complete the paper trail I would like to have a copy of her death certificate if anyone is going to be at the NJ State Archives.

Thank you

Allan Jordan

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