Re: A Brick Wall

Hilary Henkin

What resources have you tried already?  Naturalization records?
Censuses?  It sounds like you have her marriage record - yes?  Was she
married in the Bronx - when?

Your ad lacks the details by which we can help better.

Hilary Henkin

P.S. And by the way, a more descriptive Subject line would improves your
chances for successful responses.  Include perhaps the surname, country,
something to narrow down what you're asking about.  Brick walls are
really common in this hobby.

Help!  My g-mother Bertha was married in 1917 under the name Grutman. 
Her parents are listed as Harry and Pauline Needleman. Her birth was in
Romania/Russia, and I've seen ages from 27 to 16 years at marriage.  I
cannot find any confirmation of the family even arriving in the US, but
came with the Americanized name of Groveman according to family lore.
Bertha married Max Langer and lived in the Bronx.  I am stopped in my
tracks.  Does anyone have suggestions or directions for me?

 Langer,Grutman, Weener, Cole (Sokolsky)

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