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Renee Steinig

I followed these steps to search for Bertha:

1) Tried to narrow down likely birth year. (Her marriage record, Max's
naturalization petition, and censuses suggest c. 1900.)

2) Tried to narrow down likely year of arrival. (According to Max's
petition and censuses, it was c. 1914.)

3) Searched further for spellings of her name and found that her
marriage license application said GRUBMAN -- a more likely name than

4) Searched on Steve Morse's Ellis Island
One-Step( for someone who
was born within 5 years of 1900 and arrived within 5 years of 1914,
whose first name began with B and last name sounded like GRUBMAN. The
result: Brane GRIWMAN, 16, who arrived in January 1914. She was from
"Kliskewitz, Russia" and her mother was Perl. She was joining brother
Schmuel on Stanton St.

GRIWMAN (pronounced GRIVMAN) comes close to GROVEMAN and Perl is a
good match to the name Pauline, so I'm optimistic.

On Ancestry, this manifest is indexed as GRINMAN.

Kliskewitz could be the town that's now Klishkivtsi, Ukraine
Near Khotyn (Khotin), it was in Bessarabia, a region of the Russian
Empire, before WWI, and in Romania between the world wars.

A notation on Brane's manifest suggests that she herself was
naturalized c. 1943, but I couldn't find a corresponding record on

Janice, do you know Bertha's Hebrew/Yiddish name? Unfortunately, it's
not on her gravestone, which is pictured on FindaGrave
( .


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills (Long Island) NY

Janice <janice1219@...> wrote:

<<My g-mother Bertha was married in 1917 under the name Grutman. Her
parents are listed as Harry and Pauline Needleman. Her birth was in
Romania/Russia, and I've seen ages from 27 to 16 years at marriage. I
cannot find any confirmation of the family even arriving in the US,
but came with the Americanized name of Groveman according to family
lore. Bertha married Max Langer and lived in the Bronx....>>

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