Re: MANDEL's #belarus

Anna Rozina

Hello! My name is Anna rosin. I am from Russia (Saint Petersburg). You are looking for ancestors from Belarus named Mandel. So, my maternal great-grandmother had the surname Mandel before her marriage and lived in the city of Mozyr (Belarus). After her marriage, she became Drabovskiy. Even before her marriage, her entire family moves around the world. And she alone remains in Mozyr. So we don't know anything about Mandel on her side. My great-grandmother Sara's name is Lea Simhovna Mandel (which means that her father's name was Simha(Simon) Mandel).
She was born in 1886 (Mazyr?) and died on 25.02.1978 in Leningrad. I married  in Mazyr with Yudel Drabovsky (my great-grandfather).I would be happy if there are any matches in the pedigree of Sarah Leia. But unfortunately, nothing is known about her origin, since her parents, brothers and sisters (how many of them were there?) all went abroad. And at that time, it was not possible to find out anything about them. 
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