New Article on IGRA website - “Hitting the Jackpot”

Elena Bazes

IGRA (Israel Genealogy Research Association) has posted a new article on its website, “Hitting the Jackpot” by Garri Regev.

Garri has been volunteering at the National Library of Israel in their Genealogy Center for many years helping people with their genealogy research. In this article, Garri takes us through the step by step process she took in which, within a couple of hours, she was able to find a huge amount of information for a couple who had arrived at the Library with almost no knowledge about their family.

Many resources that Garri used in her research that day are discussed here and examples of the results of the research are given.  

Garri Regev lives in Israel and was an elementary teacher there for over 20 years. Garri has been doing genealogical research since 1995.  She volunteers at the Genealogy Center at the National Library of Israel and lectures on Genealogy to various groups and has spoken at 8 IAJGS Conferences. She is among the founders and was President of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA). Garri serves on the Board of LitvakSIG.

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Elena Biegel Bazes

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