Re: MANDEL's #belarus


Dear Anna [from Russia] and Susan & Neville [Vatican], and extended JewishGen family,

Here is a bit about my Mandel side:  Israel Mandel, born 1875, son of Aaron Mandel and Ruth Smokler [Rochel Shmukler], all of Mir, Minsk Gubernia.

My great aunt Hannah [Chashke] married Israel Mandel in 1898 in MIR, which is near NOVOGRUDOK.  Her maiden name was DeMatoff [Dalmatovsky ?].  They came to Chicago in 1904 ? with two children.  Subsequently she had several more children with Israel, who was a bakery truck driver.

Israel's obituary [1942, Chicago] mentioned 5 siblings, presumably also born in or near Mir [also called Demir, I think].  These were Esther, Fannie, Celia, Benjamin, Elsie.  Some of them lived in Chicago, others in New York.

While we are at it, Hannah's mother was Sarah [Tchirke] Epstein, possibly also from Mir.

Any connections? 
Can anyone clarify why Mir is also called Demir?  Is one an earlier name for the town?  Or a Yiddish inflected version of the Russian name?


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