somewhat lost



I've subscribed here for about a year and really only lurk. I have no
skills as a genealogist. I really only know a few things about my
family which I'll put here. I would love some suggestions about how to
verify or correct these (mis?)perceptions about my origins.

1) my maternal grandfather Samuel Muhlbauer came over from the
austro-hungarian empire on a boat to NY around 1910 as a boy of 15
with his father, settling in Brooklyn.
2) my mother always told me that her father was:
2.1) hungarian (though my mother grew up speaking English and yiddish
- knew no Hungarian).
2.2) was a member of the 'kussover' (kossover?) society in brooklyn
2.3) was a member of the masonic temple
3) he married my maternal grandmother Fannie Geller who had been born
in Brooklyn Fannie had a younger brother named Jerry Geller.
4) my maternal grandfather's mother's (my maternal great grandmother)
first name was Molly/Mollie and her maiden name was 'Pearl' or 'Perl'.
5) supposedly, in the old country, the Perls owned an Inn. I don't
know anything about what the Muhlbauer's did.
5) I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that kossover society has
something to do with Kassa/Kosice?
6) I do know that while my mother Arlene Muhlbauer and her sister
Shirley Muhlbauer were growing up in Brooklyn (Williamsburg?) my
grandfather and grandmother (Fannie Muhlbauer née Geller) owned a
fabric store.

So.. I really have no idea(s) where to begin.. Any
advice/recommendations welcome. Happy Purim everyone!


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