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Renee Steinig

I'm not sure about Samuel, but to paraphrase Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, "I can tell that his father was NOT born Hungarian!"

According to his Petition for Naturalization
Samuel's father, Benjamin or Baruch MUHLBAUER, was born in 1871 in Kosow -- a town then in Galicia, a crown land of the Austrian Empire. It's now in Ukraine ( from Kosow founded the Progressive Kossower Benevolent Society, on whose grounds at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens, New York, Benjamin and his wife Mollie are buried. (See .) 

Benjamin arrived in the U.S. (his second time coming over) in Nov. 1913, traveling as Burech MUHLBAUER. With him was his 15-year-old son Schlome -- presumably your grandfather Sam.

Benjamin's NYC death record ( says that he died in Manhattan at age 71 and that his parents were Mandel MUHLBAUER and Chaie MILSTEIN. There's a good chance that he was the "Itzig Burch MUHLBAUER," born 1871 in Kosow, whose birth record is indexed on .
On the other hand, Benjamin's wife may have been born in Hungary. A U.S. passport application filed in 1924 by "Molie" MUHLBAUER, wife of Baruch ( that she was born in "Bystra, Hungary -- now Poland" (an unlikely change of borders) and that they were married there. BUT, Mollie's arrival record -- July 1914, with daughter Chaje, 7, later Ida ( last residence and birth place of both as Kosow. 

As for Samuel's birth place, records vary. His arrival record says that he was born in Kosow, his WWII draft card says "Bistrow," Hungary, the 1915 census says Austria, and the 1940 census says New York!

Joshua, you can see, it's not always easy to pinpoint place of origin, but I think you can feel certain of one thing: that Benjamin was a "Galitzianer."


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Joshua Freeman <jfreeman@...> wrote:

1) my maternal grandfather Samuel Muhlbauer came over from the
austro-hungarian empire on a boat to NY around 1910 as a boy of 15
with his father, settling in Brooklyn.
2) my mother always told me that her father was:
2.1) hungarian (though my mother grew up speaking English and yiddish
- knew no Hungarian).
2.2) was a member of the 'kussover' (kossover?) society in brooklyn
2.3) was a member of the masonic temple
3) he married my maternal grandmother Fannie Geller who had been born
in Brooklyn Fannie had a younger brother named Jerry Geller.
4) my maternal grandfather's mother's (my maternal great grandmother)
first name was Molly/Mollie and her maiden name was 'Pearl' or 'Perl'.
5) supposedly, in the old country, the Perls owned an Inn. I don't
know anything about what the Muhlbauer's did.
5) I don't know for sure but I'm guessing that kossover society has
something to do with Kassa/Kosice?
6) I do know that while my mother Arlene Muhlbauer and her sister
Shirley Muhlbauer were growing up in Brooklyn (Williamsburg?) my
grandfather and grandmother (Fannie Muhlbauer née Geller) owned a
fabric store.

So.. I really have no idea(s) where to begin. Any advice/recommendations welcome....

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