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David Lewin

At 13:46 11/03/2020, Daniel Mann wrote:
Is anyone familiar with the name Jur (or Jure or Jura)?
Is this a Polish named that was used in Galicia, or perhaps it had a Jewish origin?

In particular I am wondering if it was a form of Yair (×™×�יר)  or perhaps it was short for Yeruchim (ירוח×�) as in Yeruchim Fishel?

Any insights or experience with this would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Daniel Mann
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This is Hebrew

OR = Light  [ Root is Aleph Vav Reish ]

Ori = Uri = "My Light"

Yair = future tense =  will light

Yerucham comes from a different root   namely Reish Chet Mem, meaning compassion or feel sorry for... as in Ra'cha'mim. 

David Lewin

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