Sadovnick-Belfer family history



I am in the process of writing my family history and creating a family tree after 30+ years of collecting data. I am also including the Kasow, Lewins, Bloch and Krohn families listed below along with their towns.

I am responsible for the Klishkivtsi Bessarabia Ukraine Kehilalink and after 12 years of inactivity I am going to add some of my father’s letters describing the vicinity in very vivid terms.

If anyone has any connection to any of these families, I would appreciate having this information.

Wishing good health to everyone.

Harriet Kasow

Searching: SADOVNICK/SADOFF (Klishkivtsi, Chotin, Ukraine KROHN (Borsczczow, Tarnapol  Galitzia), BELFER (Bar, Vinnitsa, Ukraine), ZAZULIA (Iasi, Jassy, Romania), BLOCH (Ivie, Belarus) HARMETZ (Svencionys, Lithuania), KASOW (Lunna, Grodno, Belarus), NARANAVER (sic)(Ukraine), LEWINS/LEWINSKY( Stettin, Poland).






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