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Hello Jan Michel!
Are you aware of the fact that Kinderstransporte even reached Sweden? There is a book written in German about a girl that came to Sweden.
The title is “Mein Liebes Ilsekind. Mit dem Kindertransport nach Schweden – Briefe an eine gerettete Tochter”. And “Herausgegeben von Elisabeth Cosanne-Schulte-Huxel im Auftrg des Jüdischen Museums Westfalen.
Wishing you success!
Daniel in Stockholm, Sweden

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Shalom, dear readers!
We are two teachers and a class (grade 5-7) from the Montessori School Chemnitz, Germany. At the moment we are up to start a long term research project, funded by the state of Saxony.
We are looking forward to focus on the topic: Kindertransporte. Especially the ones that brought kids out of the town Chemnitz or the state of Saxony (Dresden, Leipzig, ...) to England in 1938 / 1939.
Our top interest ist to find relatives of the kids who were saved to find out about their live, familys and their journey.
If you got any information concerning this topoic we would be very glad to hear from you! All our results will be published and presented in an appropriate manner.
For further information, questions or contact, write to: michel@...
Thanks so much for your help!

Jan Michel

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