Family name and town #lithuania

Marilyn Weinman

Hello everyone ! Hope this finds all safe and well during this stressful time.

I have a letter that was found in my mom’s possessions after she passed a number of years ago, but I now have the time to start my research.

My maternal grandfather was born in Konigsberg as Max ( maybe Maximillian ) Aronovsky on either October 1,1876 ( this was date on his Declaration of Intention paper)or on July 15,1877 which it states on his on his WW 11 Draft Registration Card ! Why the two different dates I’ll never understand. He changed his last name to Arnold when he entered the US in Niagara Falls on June 12,1907 with my Grandmother Ida, after emigrating from Montreal.

The the letter from my mom’s cousin states that HER grandfather's first  name was Dovid,and he had a “business” that he inherited that use to take groceries in large horse drawn carts from Korno ( Kaunas,Lithuania) to Konigsberg.

I’m looking for anyone that knows the name of Aronovsky to help me figure out what town the family came from, if they know,and who my great grandfather was. Someone on here has told me that there are A LOT of Aronovsky families, but mine doesn’t seem to be related to them. Not sure how this person knows this,and that’s what I’d like to find out as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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