Collaboration of JRI-Poland Town Leaders in facilitating in researcher discoveries. #poland

Stanley Diamond

Dear friends: 

It is heartwarming for all of us devoted to the JRI-Poland mission to witness how 
the collaboration of several Town Leaders / volunteers can help a researcher
learn much more about his/her roots than would have been possible on their own.

In recent weeks, three JRI-Poland Town Leaders associated with Kielce, Chmielnik 
and Kalisz helped a researcher follow the paper trail from town to town and learn 
the names and details of ancestors back to the 1700s.

Last summer our Kielce Area Coordinator along with our Stopnica and Pacanow 
Town Leaders were instrumental in a major discovery through the Kielce Border 
Area project for Sharon Fleitman.  And just today, with the involvement of our Lodz 
Town Leader, that earlier discovery was enhanced with Lodz marriage records, 
one as late as 1935.  Sharon's response today is included below with her permission.

For some towns in Poland, such discoveries have become much easier as the 
JRI-Poland critical mass of data grows, with full extracts of records from more and 
more towns and additional years of data.  This is described in the following article.

If you are stuck and need more help, your "go to" person is the JRI-Poland town 
leader for your town

If your town/village had a small Jewish population and is not listed, the records may
be in the books of a nearby larger Jewish community.  If you know its exact location
enter the Lat/Long in the Family Search  "microfilm master" and then contact the
Town Leader for the town(s) closest to yours

Good luck in your research.

Stanley Diamond
Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland

Today's email from Sharon Fleitman

From: Sharon Fleitman <sharonrf18@...>
To: Stanley Diamond <smsdiamond@...>
Sent: Tue, Mar 17, 2020 12:10 pm
Subject: Re: Four Lodz records

Please use my experience as you see fit. Three of the Lodz scans/extracts you sent 
were perfect fits for family members I discovered through JRI-Poland last summer.  
While I looked at the scans you sent last night and I was very excited, it was the four
extractions you sent today that fully confirmed what I thought I saw and added to my

Szymon Ezryel and Boruch Kirszner were brothers to my husband’s great grandmother. 
Szmul Dawid Zilberberg was her first cousin. In fact, I identified Szmul Dawid’s mother 
through the JRI-Poland Kielce Border Town Project! There are Pages of Testimony for 
Boruch (including children) submitted by his wife’s family who went to Israel).  

I am hoping to find photographs of these Holocaust victims and put a face on these 
family members. Yom HaShoah has taken on a much more personal connection and I 
hope I can communicate this effectively to my children.

Only through your organization’s work of indexing and making these records accessible 
could I have made any of these discoveries. It would have remained the general family 
statement we hear too often of “we lost family during the war”. (Yes you can quote me.) 

Take care and stay in good health!


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