Re: Online Meetings

Ava (Sherlock) Cohn

It is a trying time for all of us and I appreciate your sentiments about staying at home to work on our genealogy.The idea poses a number of different questions as to how this would work.  I would think, though, that the decision to make a meeting available to the wider genealogy community would be one made by each individual group in consultation with the guest speaker. Many groups use the speaker's presentation and access to a subsequent recording as a benefit of membership in that group. Also, many speakers, myself included, do not agree to recordings of any kind, for legal purposes. We are offered the opportunity to opt out of recording at the annual IAJGS conferences. There is a company that handles the recordings and there is a charge to purchase the recordings after the conference.  I'm not a technical wizard but I would think that there would have to be someone willing to contact the various different groups and speakers and organize the presentations that are recorded or somehow be able to invite the wider genealogy community worldwide to participate in each virtual presentation at the time of the presentation. Seems like a large job to me. Perhaps I'm missing something here, but what would be the benefit to the JGS groups themselves if anyone could have access to the speaker's presentation for which the hosting group pays an honorarium? Would this be time limited or would it start a precedent that would continue beyond the pandemic quarantine?

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