Re: Need help to find LDS film digital record from JGS Ukr database hyperlink #ukraine

Alan Shuchat

Susana and anyone else who would like to know how to do this kind of search:

On JewishGen, the film/item number is given as 2423962/7. Clicking on the link 2423962 opens a page with 977 images,

It is divided into items, separated by black squares. Scroll through until you find the black square that begins item 7. It's image 796. It says in Russian that it's for the city of Nikolaev (Г. Николаев), in Nikolaev Oblast (district, Область), for the year 1895. It also gives the numbers 1484/1/1480 that identify the record book in the archive. 

Next, F266 means female birth #266 in item 7. The columns at the left of the record pages are labeled Мужскаго for males and Женскаго for females. So you need to scroll through the images in item 7 until you find 266 in the Женскаго column. This record is included in image 921 and it is on page 62 of the record book. The direct link to the page is

The record is in Russian and Hebrew, since the Jewish records were created at the crown rabbinate in Nikolaev. It's interesting that in Russian the newborn is named Sosya (Сося) but in Hebrew she is Sosa (סאסא).  

Incidentally, 2423962 is the number of the microfilm, but when you open the image file it says film # 007807321. This is the number for the digital image (DGS) of the physical microfilm. The catalog at lists both numbers.

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