Re: Can I assume ROSENBLUMs buried in Brisker cemetery section came from Brest?

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Judy, I don't know if having a photograph of the headstones would assist, but I see Mount Zion offers to take pictures if you send or call them with the location of the graves. Findagrave does not have the locations, but the cemetery's own website did provide them. And perhaps the cemetery might also be able to answer your question about what "Brisker" is referring to. You did not give the dates that Jacob and Anna died, but I assume these are the correct locations because they are the only ones in the Brisker section that you mentioned. 
Rosenblum, Jacob (Buried 12/1/1944) Location: 14R-7-60-627
Rosenblum, Anna (Buried 4/12/1938) Location:14R-7-22-627
You'll see you can pull these up  from the Mount Zion database search function:

And then Mt. Zion's write-up in the Findagrave cemetery contains directions for requesting the photographs through the cemetery. Of course, you can also request photographs through Findagrave, but I do not know how long that would take for such a large cemetery: 

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